Best Flooring Nailer For Hardwood In 2021

The Best Flooring Nailer For Hardwood; a specialized nail tool that is useful to install wood floor planks. Nailer floors grab the edge of a plank of floors, press your tongue into the groove of the adjacent beam and shoot a particular fastener, called a stud, diagonally across the edge of the iron. Manufacturers offer several types of nailer and stapler flooring for wood floor installation.

The tasks of assembly and installation of furniture, carpentry, upholstery, and decoration, among many others, make good use of an element of support as millenary as essential the nail.

So, this is the time to think of a Floor Nail Gun or nailer, a tool that will save us hours of work and effort. Since it can shoot nails at high speed, completely embedding them in a piece of wood in just a fraction of a second.

With these characteristics, we can understand that nail guns or staple gun for flooring have displaced the hammer in the professional and industrial environment. In fact, the craftsman or the DIY enthusiast begins to consider them seriously.

Since then, the number of models, designs, and features continued to increase. Precisely now offers a broad variety of Best Flooring Nailer that we acquainted with from this note.

It works with different types of fasteners and all kinds of materials, from fine wood panels to blocks of concrete.

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A Look at Our Favorite Picks of 2021


Product Title & Features


NuMax SFL618 Pneumatic 3-in-1 15.5-Gauge and 16-Gauge 2

(Best Budget)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

#1. NuMax SFL618 Pneumatic 15.5-16Ga Flooring Nailer and Stapler 

DEWALT Flooring Stapler, 2-in-1 Tool (DWFP12569)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

#2. DEWALT DWFP12569 Flooring Stapler, 2-in-1 Tool

Freeman PFL618BR Pneumatic 3-in-1 15.5-Gauge and 16-Gauge 2

(Best Value)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

#3. Freeman PFL618BR Pneumatic Lightweight Nail Gun for Flooring and Stapler,

BOSTITCH BTFP12569 2-in-1 Flooring Tool machine for wood flooring

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

#4. BOSTITCH BTFP12569 2-in-1 Flooring Nail Gun


Rating: 4 out of 5.


Freeman PF18GLCN Pneumatic 18-Gauge Lightweight Nail Gun and Groove Hardwood Flooring

(Best Pick)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

#6. Freeman PF18GLCN Pneumatic 18-Gauge Lightweight Nail Gun and Groove Hardwood Flooring

Top 6 Best Flooring Nailer For Hardwood Installation Reviews:

There are also other special nailers. The Flooring Nailer specifically designed to assemble floors. Some nailers use staples to hold upholstery. These nailers basically not intended for general home use.

Here are the best flooring nailer for Hardwood reviews –

  1. NuMax SFL618 – Best Pneumatic Flooring Stapler:

NuMax SFL618 Pneumatic 3-in-1 15.5-Gauge and 16-Gauge 2


Special Features:

Item model numberItem WeightProduct DimensionsPower SourceCheck Price
NuMax SFL6185.5 inches cuts 2X63.5 x 16.73 x 22.76 inchesAir PoweredSee Price

The price of NuMax SFL618 Hardwood Floor Nailer is as good as the job. You can depend on its performance — smart and economical option and at last best floor nailer reviews.

The Pneumatic hardwood floor nail gun is easy to use, durable, and provides a replaceable base plate. The 2-in-1 tools are not only affordable but also versatile.

Works with both staples or nails for wood flooring, including other accessories. With this rubber O-ring and high-quality cylinder, the floor can function correctly and efficiently. It also includes up to 100 hardwood flooring nails and staples, ensuring high production use.

If you are a homeowner, it is a useful tool for you. However, some challenging jobs are not at the industrial level. The Numax Flooring Nailer is suitable for owners and amateurs, but not for professionals. We can say the NuMax SFL618 is the wood flooring nailers.

This pneumatic tool and stapler feature comes with an attractive lightweight aluminum body. The ergonomic comfort rubber mallet grip handle has been added to the tool design so that the tongue and groove tool can be easily gripped and moved.

T-cleats, L-cleats, and 3-in-1 design cleat nails or staples are other awesome features that has taken the tool to a higher level. It’s ideal for professional hardwood installation jobs and home DIY projects.

  • It comes with a 3-in-1 universal charger (120 units).
  • Durable die-cast aluminum body.
  • Use tacos and staple gun for flooring.
  • It comes with a wood mall and a protective case.
  • Extension handle with a comfortable grip.
  • The ½ inch and ¾ inch interchangeable motherboard.
  • Easy to use and suitable for beginners.
  • Accessories included with this Top Cleat Nailer.
  • It is quite an economical and Cheap Flooring Nailer.
  • Very stable due to the unmarked base.
  • Block problem.
  • Not suitable for all floors.
  • Not resistant to industry and suitable for home use.
  • Without case.


  1. DEWALT DWFP12569 Floor Nailer Review:

DEWALT Flooring Stapler, 2-in-1 Tool (DWFP12569) for wood flooring


Special Features:

Item model numberItem WeightProduct DimensionsMaterialCheck Price
DEWALT DWFP1256914.7 Pounds20.55 x 3.94 x 23.39 inchesMultiSee Price

The Dewalt Floor gun has achieved its position for many reasons. This Hardwood Floor Nailer is versatile, reliable, and compact with high functionality. Last but not least, the price is very reasonable. The use of a staple gun for flooring in place is now prevalent in floor construction.

Long life is another inevitable installation of the desired function using the nails that come with the floor. Suitable for working with 16 gauge L-shaped studs and 15.5 gauge clips, the most common and popular nail fasteners.

This Pneumatic wood floor nailer uses a replaceable, undamaged base plate that fits all sizes and floor thicknesses. It is one of the most powerful nailing tools in the world.

It generally matches all types of floor profiles. In fact, both nailers and the best flooring staplers for engineered hardwood; used in the best 2-in-1 floor gun.

We get the pneumatic flooring nailers for sale in various popular online markets. And we’ve just reviewed some of the experts’ ideas and users here.

  • A replaceable base plate that won’t rot.
  • Silent rear exhaust.
  • Extended handle with rubber pad.
  • Relatively low CFM requirements.
  • Comfortable and easy to handle.
  • It comes with 2 in 1 magazine.
  • Simple to maintain and clean.
  • O-ring problems.
  • Without case.
  • No dry fire block.


  1. Freeman PFL618BR 3 in 1 Hardwood Flooring Nailer Review: 

Freeman PFL618BR Pneumatic 3-in-1 15.5-Gauge and 16-Gauge 2  CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Special Features:

Item ModelItem WeightProduct DimensionsPower SourceWarrantyCheck Price
Freeman PFL618BR11.46 pounds16.75 x 3.5 x 22.75 inchesAir Powered7 Year Limited Warranty and 90 Day Wearable Parts WarrantySee Price

The Freeman Floor Nailer is a compact, efficient, and high-quality tool for installing air on the floor. This Air Flooring Nailer provides functionally designed features for professional contractors and DIY.

It is the major product of the Freeman collection. I have not only given about freeman flooring nailer reviews here, but we have also talked about various features that make it easy to choose your best product.

This specific floor gun/stapler has a durable die-cast aluminum construction. It manufactured within strict quality control guidelines. Even the consistency of hardened steel with integrated heat treatment, and the aluminum cylinder drive blade makes it versatile.

The composition of the internal air filter and high-quality rubber O-ring enables you excellent performance.

Freeman 3-in-1 has two interchangeable composite motherboards that don’t spoil, adding stability and scratch protection. It is easy to install an uneven wooden floor.

This Freeman 3-in-1 Pneumatic Floor Stapler also comes with safety glasses, oil, keys, a flawless white rubber mall, and a hard plastic case.

  • It is Reliable in performance and durability.
  • Multipurpose functionality makes it more unique and versatile.
  • Accessories carrying case.
  • The company offers a 7-year limited warranty from the date of purchase.
  • This Flooring Nailer For The Money is quite expensive.


  1. BOSTITCH BTFP12569 2-in-1 – Nailer For Hardwood Floors

BOSTITCH BTFP12569 2-in-1 Flooring Tool and stapler for wood flooring


Special Features:

ModelItem WeightProduct DimensionsPower SourceWarrantyCheck Price
BOSTITCH BTFP1256914.72 pounds20.55 x 3.94 x 23.39 inchesPneumaticManufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer serviceSee Price

The Bostitch btfp12569 flooring stapler does an excellent job when it is bootable. Despite the problems of dry cooking, it is also ideal for hardwood floors. This Bostitch Floor Nailer considered the best Hardwood floor nailer for sale on the market.

It comes with a compatible, undamaged motherboard. Usually, these motherboards help prevent it, so the material; not scratched. Easy to work with various floor thicknesses. With these types of wood flooring nailers, you can easily shoot both staples and L-shaped studs.

This floor nailer design based on ergonomics. The tool comes with a comfortable rubber grip and a long handle to ensure maximum comfort. Also, it significantly reduces fatigue when used for several hours.

Bosch hardwood floor nailer for sale comes with a 7-year limited warranty. The pressure of 70-100 PSI; quickly and efficiently operated. The nailer gun comes with 2 in 1 nailer/stapler usability of standard staples.

  • Replaceable motherboard.
  • Suitable for both amateur and professional.
  • The ergonomic design and stable structure.
  • Adjustable base without a sign for hard delayed hardwood floor nailer.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Handle with extended rubber pad makes it very convenient to use.
  • It offers great Finish Nailer For Hardwood Floors.
  • Relatively expensive.
  • Problems with feeding metal studs.
  • May fail everywhere.
  • Do not accept tacos with T.


  1. BYNFORD – Best Flooring Stapler For Engineered Hardwood



Special Features:

ModelItem WeightProduct DimensionsPower SourceMaterialCheck Price
BYNFORD 1840AFS5.99 pounds13.4 x 12 x 3.8 inchesAir-poweredPlasticSee Price

This Bynford hardwood Pneumatic Flooring Nailer easy to use in a bright. It is an economical, Flooring Nailer For The Money, that suits every pocket. This type of engineered flooring nailers comes with 18 gauge narrow crown staples and is ideal for tongue and groove nailer up to 9/16 inch deep.

You can also choose convenient replacement options. Simply use an easy-to-use switch with an 18 gauge nailer to convert a standard tool to a standard narrow crown stapler. Bynford 18 GA Wood Floor Nailer provides comfortable shoes.

This option allows you to adjust the nailer easily. It helps to perfect the thickness of multiple floors. Therefore, you can achieve the look of professional experience. This tool nails or staples for hardwood flooring to a depth of 5 / 16-9 / 16 inches.

The easily adjustable shoes of BYNFORD Hardwood Floor Nailer operated at any floor thickness. Use 18 Gauge Flooring Stapler. Very efficient and comes with a carrying case.

The manufacturer recommends using 9/16 floors, but it can also be useful on hardwood works. One more feature is that it does not require tremendous air pressure.

Operates with air to work efficiently. This nailer does not use normal oil. Therefore, certain oils are necessary to keep maintained and working. More detail will find in bynford tools website.

  • Can convert to standard stapler/nailer.
  • Provide a firm and stable grip.
  • Light air consumption.
  • Professional and durable.
  • Accurate and never get stuck.
  • 18 gauge Air Flooring Nailer.
  • Easy to use and convenient.
  • Adjustable Nailer For Engineered Flooring.
  • Standard narrow crown stapler.
  • Fire only 18 gauge staples.
  • Small piston.
  • Malfunction complaints.
  • Complaints that hardwood does not work well.


  1. Freeman PF18GLCN 18-Gauge Pneumatic Flooring Nailer:

Freeman PF18GLCN Pneumatic 18-Gauge 1-3/4


Special Features:

ModelItem WeightProduct DimensionsPower SourceWarrantyCheck Price
Freeman PF18GLCN9.68 pounds5 x 18 x 22 inchesAir Powered7 Year Limited Warranty and 90 Day Wearable Parts WarrantySee Price

Freeman PF18GLCN is ideal for jobs with solid floors with water slots. Ideal for bamboo or thicker wood. This air flooring hammer tool designed for these types of tasks. Perfect for a variety of exotic forests such as cherry blossoms, bamboo, and teak in Brazil.

Freeman 18 gauge floor nailer also includes nailer fiberglass mallet, so you have everything you need the start off with. This Freeman PF18GLCN is strong enough with its reliable usability on thick or grooved floors. Also, we offer convenient accessories such as keys, oil, and flooring nailer mallet.

Another advantage is the 7-year standard warranty. This electric hardwood floor nailer is an ideal option when you need to work with bamboo and other exotic wood.

This Wood Floor nail gun can hold 120 fasteners. Very convenient to use, you can quickly install large floor areas.

  • The large-capacity charger allows you to work for a long time without charging.
  • Interchangeable baseplate combined with the material.
  • Comfortable and easy to use ergonomic design.
  • The extended handle is easy to use and prevents back pain.
  • Suitable only for certain types of floors.
  • Match only freeman tacos.
  • Height adjustment is not easy.


What is the Difference Between Flooring Nailer vs. Flooring Stapler?

These tools have a particular shape and different from the others so placed on the floor and shoot the nails at precisely the right angle to install wooden floors, for example, parquet.

There are nail guns for wooden slats and staple guns for floors, or a single tool can incorporate both functions.

# Pneumatic Nailer Floors:

BOSTITCH Flooring Stapler for Engineered Hardwood (EHF1838K) flooring


Floor professionals use Pneumatic Floor Nailer reviews to save time and labor during the nailer for hardwood floor installation of large plants. The Air Flooring Nailer specially designed to install the tongue and groove floor without nailing planks through the surface of the iron.

To hide floor fasteners, called fixing systems, the floor nailer drives through the fasteners on the beam side at a precise angle. The Flooring Gun also grabs the plank and snugs against the previous table.

The Best Flooring Nailer looks like an upside-down nail gun that rests directly on the floor and connects the hose through an air compressor.

To use the jackhammer, the floor installer must hit a lock plate on the top of the tool with a mallet. WEN 61741 and Stapler with Case is the best nail gun for flooring Sellers hammer tool in the Market.

Hitting the percussion plate activates the pneumatically assisted fixation mechanism and conducts a fixation system through the plank.

#Pneumatic Floor Stapler:

Pneumatic Nailer for Engineered Wood Flooring

While manufacturers of pneumatic and manual flooring nails special fasteners called staples, pneumatic staplers, large, C-shaped car staples.

Many wood flooring nailers look and function like the floors of nail manufacturers. They sit face down on the floor and require the pounds floor installer a strike.

However, some floor staplers mimic the appearance and function of standard nail guns. Installers hold and fire these tools like standard nail guns, but the distinctive design of the stapler tip causes the staple to operate at an angle through the side of the plank.

Manual vs. Pneumatic Flooring Nailers:

Both are suitable for floor work. However, each has some advantages and disadvantages. Before buying floor nailers, you need to know them.

Manual vs Pneumatic Flooring Nailer For Beginner

# Manual Floor Nailer:

16-Gauge Manual Hardwood Flooring Nailer  CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

The 402A, 16-Gauge Manual Hardwood Flooring Nailer is very simple. They do not need an air compressor. Two bumper strokes required. One places a cove and the other drives. These nailers are more affordable.

  • Easy and quick use.
  • Economic.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Multiple mallet strokes required.

# Pneumatic Floor Nailer:

Pneumatic Nailer for Engineered Wood Flooring

With the best pneumatic flooring nailer, you can’t find the flooring that is difficult or too big. I love professionals and DIY enthusiasts. These nailers designed to work with air compressors. Here, you need one shot to hit the bumper.

The Floor Nail Gun is much faster. Of course, you will get more perfect and accurate results. You can rely on them for large flooring projects. They are also expensive.

  • Mallet hit required.
  • More powerful.
  • More accurate results.
  • Ideal for large areas.
  • More expensive than the manual.

How To Choose The Best Flooring Nailer? An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All 

As you can guess, flooring nailers useful in installing parquet floors efficiently and offered in manual or pneumatic mode. The first model requires the user to manually push the nail while the tire is using pressurized air.

It is not clear that the Pneumatic Guns are more popular and that with them you can enjoy more strength to nail. That is why they are excellent, even for thick and hardwoods. Remember that they are different from floor staplers.

The different types of nail guns mentioned above are significantly useful for specific nailing tasks. Now the time has come for you to know what makes each model more or less convenient depending on its features, design, and functions.

Remember that, although you select the type of gun you need for the project ahead of you, not all products are equally convenient and efficient. So you have to do a little research taking into account the following aspects:

1. Nailing Method:

The nailer comes with two basic controls: a trigger and a contact safety tip that passes through the product nose. The firing mechanism depends on several aspects of the gun.

It is relevant when the trigger held down, and multiple nails fired at one time or pushed each time. You should also consider how to activate the control. With this in mind, you will be able to meet several modalities:

2. Contact Trigger:

These models released the nail when the trigger pulled, and the safety contact activated without a specific sequence. Holding the trigger will cause the gun to fire a nail each time contact activated. When you release the trigger, nothing happens when the contract becomes active.

3. Sequential Triggering:

This model requires that each control; activated and function in a specific order. You need to activate the contact surface before pressing the trigger. Once done, the gun shoots a nail.

Next, you need to release the trigger, remove the safety contact, and repeat the process. It is the safest mechanism of all.

4. Simple Action Activator:

It looks like a contact model, but in this case, the order of control activation is not important. The difference is that this mechanism requires you to move the product so that you can shoot more nails.

5. Simple Sequential Trigger:

Much like the full sequential model, but only fires when the safety contact; activated, and the trigger- pulled. To fire another nail, you only need to reactivate the trigger, but the contact may remain intact.

6. Price:

When talking about prices today of nailer guns, we talk about a somewhat wide range of prices. As they depend heavily on the Brands Flooring Nailers, model, manufacturing materials, and specifications (functions and features) of each product. The amount of nailer guns varies depending on their characteristics.

7. Easily Clear Jams:

Like other guns and almost all power tools, these guns can be locked. Therefore, it recommended purchasing a model with a system that efficiently removes jams. It ensures that the weapon; properly maintained and in good condition for a long time.

8. Depth Adjustment:

It allows you to determine how deeply the nail penetrates the wall or the material you are nailing. Some models require a tool to adjust the depth, but we recommend looking for products that can accommodate the depth manually.

9. Nail Size Adjustment:

When reading the previous section, don’t worry too much if you feel you need to buy a gun for each project. Some models can use nails of various sizes, and they are versatile. Therefore, some unique models serve many different purposes. Now, question may arise How Many Cleats For Hardwood Floor?

10. Replaceable Protectors:

The protectors placed in the guns to prevent pieces of wood or any other material from jumping into your eyes or face. However, they are replaceable, as they can be easily damaged.

11. Directional Exhaust:

With this feature, you can place tool escapes in directions that won’t affect you or are uncomfortable. Some models require a tool to adjust the exhaust, while others are manual.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Let’s clear our confusion through some questions

Question 1: I want to install a wooden floor in a 700 square foot room. Need additional tools in addition to the floor nailer?

Answer: For many wooden floor installations, floor guns are one of the tools you need. If you need other nails like a finishing nailer to install the first and last rows, it only helps you get the job done faster.

Question 2: Where to buy new flooring guns?

Answer: Floor nailers for sale at a variety of locations, including the manufacturer’s website and authorized local dealers. However, if you are searching for the best deal and return/exchange policy, you can buy online. We also recommend that you can purchase from the store.

Question 3: How does the nailer drive nails?

Answer: Unlike traditional nail guns that need to push the trigger, the floor nailer fires nails or staples when the actuator; struck with wood.

Question 4: Do you need to choose a floor nailer to handle staples or nails?

Answer: It is usually a matter of preference and the type of wood you work with. However, if you do various floor installation work, it is compatible with nail guns staples and staples.

Question 5: What does the warranty provided by the manufacturer of the floor nail gun cover?

Answer: In most cases, warranties cover material and manufacturing defects. Also, manufacturers can compensate for the repair and replacement of worn parts for a limited period — warranties before investing in new tools. Please check the details.

Question 6: The flooring nailer I am interested in has an outstanding reputation but made in China. Should I buy it?

Answer: When a tool created, it plays a significant role in its quality. However, if the mechanism of interest provides excellent quality and performance, you can continue to invest. Make sure you have a good return/exchange policy and a reasonable warranty period.

Question 7: What type of Nailer do you use for installing hardwood floors?

Answer: Undoubtedly Pneumatic engineered hardwood floor stapler/nailer is the most suitable hardboard to install. This pneumatic hammer tool is specifically designed for over the top edge of plank and tongue purposes. One of the reasons we look at it differently from other nailers is because of its accuracy.

However, each tool has its own unique features. So, you can read our reviews well before buying your floor tool.

Final Words:

Finding the Best Flooring Nailer means the difference between installing a wooden floor quickly and efficiently. A unique power tool designed exclusively for the floor. The demand for these power tools has been steadily increasing in recent years.

In fact, the availability of high-quality wood from sustainable sources and the decline in power tool prices. If you are a DIY enthusiast or working in the wooden flooring business, a high-quality floor nail gun will be a good investment.

You can choose from dozens of nail guns for hardwood floors. Out of the six Best Hardwood Flooring Nailer reviews, most have very exclusive features. It also includes various considerations that need before purchasing a new floor nail gun. With this information, you can find the perfect tool to meet your floor and budget installation needs.

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