Best Jigsaw Blades For Plywood In 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guides]

Jigsaws is a versatile power tool used to cut both straight and curved cuts due to the nature of its /9`blade. Jigsaws can be used with a wide array of materials including wood, plywood, plastic, metal, and even ceramic. As such, in this review, our focus is to choose the best jigsaw blades for plywood.

Jigsaws are also safe and easy to use that is why it is the first power tool many DIY enthusiasts buy. However, despite the complete versatility a jigsaw offers, it is arguably the most underused power tool. Most of the time, it is only used for making curve cuts, whereas this tool can do much more.

In this review, we would be talking about jigsaws at large.

Firstly, we would recommend seven jigsaw blades you can get in 2021.

Secondly, we would talk a bit about the blade shanks and types of blades by materials.

Thirdly, we would discuss the buying guide for a perfect jigsaw blade. With all these at the back of our minds, let’s proceed right into the details.

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The Top 7 Best Jigsaw Blade For Plywood In 2021


Product Title & Features


DeWalt DW3742C - Best Jigsaw Blades

(Our Best Choice)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

#1. DEWALT Jigsaw Blades Set with Case, T-Shank, 14-Piece (DW3742C)

Bosch T-Shank Multi-Purpose Jigsaw Blades for plywood

(Best Seller on Amazon)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

#2. Bosch T-Shank Multi-Purpose Jigsaw Blades, 10 Piece, Assorted, Jig Saw Blade Set For Cutting Wood And Metal (T5002)

Bosch 21-Piece T-Shank Contractor Jig Saw Blade

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

#3. Bosch 21-Piece T-Shank Contractor Jig Saw Blade Set TC21HC

Gunpla 15 Pieces Jig Saw Blades Assorted T244D T144D T118A for Curved

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

#4. Gunpla 15 Pieces Jig Saw Blades Assorted T244D T144D T118A for Curved and Fast Cuts in Hard and Soft Woods T-Shank Thin Sheet Metal Steel Aluminum Cutting

BLACK+DECKER Jigsaw Blades Set, Assorted, Wood and Metal

(Amazon's Choice)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

#5. BLACK+DECKER Jigsaw Blades Set, Assorted, Wood and Metal, 24-Pack (75-626)

Bosch T101AO3 3-Piece 3-1/4 In. 20 TPI Clean for Wood T-Shank Jig Saw Blades

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

#6. Bosch T101AO3 3-Piece 3-1/4 In. 20 TPI Clean for Wood T-Shank Jig Saw Blades

Bosch T101B100 Wood & Plastic Clean Cut

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

#7. Bosch T101B100 Wood & Plastic Clean Cut 4" x 10 TPI T-Shank Style Jigsaw Blades 100-Pack

Best Jigsaw Blade For Plywood Reviews

1. DeWalt DW3742C – Best Jigsaw Blades For Wood

DEWALT Jigsaw Blades Set with Case For Plywood, T-Shank, 14-Piece


First on our list is this DeWalt T-shank jigsaw blade set with a casing, the DW3742C. Because DeWalt is a renowned manufacturer of professional-grade power tools with decades of experience, we can expect such quality with this blade.

In this set, you get 14 durable blades of which two of each type are the same in length and design. So, practically, you are getting only seven different types of blades.

With the DeWalt DW3742C blade set, you get the flexibility of a wide range of cutting applications. This blade is suitable for cutting both wood and metal. And it comes packed in a durable casing to keep all the blades neatly together.

For faster cutting and longer life, DeWalt integrated both Bi-metal and HCS material in the design of the blades. The 10 and 6 teeth per inch blades are 4 inches long and are made with the HCS material.

Similarly, the 12 teeth per inch blades are 3 ½ inches long and are made with the HCS material. While the 32 and 18 teeth per inch blades are 3 inches long and made with Bi-Metal material.

The T-shank design of the blade makes this blade versatile such that it fits jigsaws from other brands like Bosch.

  • Durable construction
  • Fits most jigsaws
  • Wide range of cutting application
  • See-through case with metal hinge pins
  • Sloppy slide latches on the casing which can easily open


2. Bosch T5002 – Best T-shank Jigsaw Blades

Bosch 10-Piece Assorted T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set T5002 For Plywood


The Bosch T5002 jigsaw is an ideal multipurpose jigsaw blade set, perfect for general-purpose woodworks, and thin or thick metals (non-ferrous or ferrous). Bosch is an internationally recognized manufacturer of jigsaw power tools and jigsaw blades, founded in 1946.

Compared to other models, the Bosch T5002 jigsaw blade is compatible with over 90% of jigsaws. The Bosh T5002 jigsaw blade kit is a 10-piece assorted kit. In the kit are two blades of each T101B. T118B, T118A, T144D, T119BO jigsaws.

The T118B and T118A blades are basic blades for cutting metal. The T119BO is a basic blade for cutting wood. For a clean-cut for wood use the T101B blades. While the T114D provides a speed cut for wood.

Additionally, the T-shank design of this blade gives you maximum stability and grip. The T-shank interface produces more power because of the five contact points, giving you more life. Its T-shank design eliminates the need to set the screw in a mounting hole to reduce breakage.

This blade was crafted with high carbon steel and Bi-metal, which also contributes to the durability of the blade. Moreover, HCS is long-lasting and break-resistant. The two blades of the T118A and T118B are made with Bi-metal materials, while the rest are HCS material.

In summary, the Bosch T5002 jigsaw blade adds affordability and function to your jigsaw blades.

  • Affordable jigsaw blade
  • Suitable for cutting wood and metal
  • High carbon steel construction material
  • Compatible with most jigsaws
  • Cannot perform a plunge cut


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3. Bosch TC21HC 21-Pc T-Shank Contractor Jig Saw Blade

Bosch 21-Piece T-Shank Contractor Jig Saw Blade Set TC21HC For Plywood


Another best jigsaw blade for cutting plywood from Bosch is this TC21HC blade. Bosch is a fine manufacturer with decades of experience under their belt.

As such, with this TC21HC 21-piece jigsaw blade kit from Bosch, we expect nothing less than contractors-grade. These TC21HC jigsaw blades are versatile and designed for installers, remodelers, and general-purpose tool-users. Crafted with durable construction material this Bosch TC21HC blade is best for cutting wood with nails, drywall, PVC, wood, and so on.

Interestingly, this jigsaw blade kit fits all current professional jigsaws that accept T-shank blades.

The Bosch TC21HC jigsaw, with excellent T-shank design, offers maximum stability and grip. The Bosch TC21HC blade offers you a rigid blade for accurate cutting, as its rigidness minimizes blade bending.

In the complete set, you get five 4 inches T101B blades, which provides a clean cut for wood and has 10 teeth per inch. You also get five 4 inches T144DP blades for precision cutting of wood, and it is 6 teeth per inch blade.

For all-purpose and cutting multiple materials, the two 5 ¼ inches T345XF blade with 5-10 teeth per inch comes in handy.

There are also five 3 5/8 inches T118A basic blades for cutting metal with 17-24 teeth per inch. The two 4 inches T123X blades are perfect progressors for metal cutting with 10-24P teeth per inch.

Lastly, the two 4 inches T1414HM1 is a special blade for cutting plaster and fiber and has 6 teeth per inch.

  • Versatile cutting
  • Very affordable for the type and number of blades you get
  • Fits all jigsaw power tool with a T-shank
  • Stores all blade in its tough built case
  • Includes reverse tooth and progressive tooth count blades
  • Once you open the blade type bundle, there is no way to keep the individual blades together


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4. Gunpla 15 Pieces Jig Saw Blades Assorted T224D, T144D, T118A

Gunpla 15 Pieces Jig Saw Blades For Plywood T-Shank Thin Sheet Metal Steel Aluminum Cutting


The Gunpla is another best blade for jigsaws to cut plywood worth checking out in this review. Gunpla like most manufacturers is an established world manufacturer and supplier of power tools.

The Gunpla T224D, T144D, and T118A are assorted 15-piece jigsaw blades suitable for fast and curved cutting. You can use these blades to cut hard and softwoods, as well as basic for thin metal sheets, steel, and aluminum. Crafted from premium quality high carbon steel, which enhances the quality and precise cut you’d get with these blades.

And thanks to the reinforced teeth, these blades remain sharp for longer.

The T-shank head design on the blades fits all jigsaws that accept T-shank. Amongst the assortment of blades, the five 75 mm long T118A is a basic metal blade perfect for sheet metal that is 10-16 gauge or 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch thick.

The T118A blade is engineered to have a 17-24 TPI progressive teeth design for smooth cutting. Similarly, the five 4 inches or 100 mm long with 75 mm usable length T144D blade is perfect for straight and fast wood cutting.

The T144D blade comes with 6 teeth per inch for precision cutting. Lastly, the five 100 mm with 75 mm usable length

T244D blade is perfect for curved and fast hard and softwood cutting.

The T244D features 5-6 progressive teeth per inch.

  • Premium high carbon steel blade construction
  • Blades in the kit is suitable for metal and wood cutting
  • Well-designed to fit any jigsaw that accepts T-shank blades
  • Cost-effective
  • Does not offer enough length to cut 4 x 4 materials


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5. Black+Decker 24 Pieces Assorted Jig Saw Blade Set 75-626

BLACK+DECKER Jigsaw Blades Set, Assorted, Wood and Metal For Plywood, 24-Pack


The Black+Decker 75-626 is another best jigsaw blade for thin plywood. For over a century now, Black+Decker has been one of Americans’ top manufacturers providing an innovative solution to homeowners and professionals.

Unlike other T-shank jigsaw blades we’ve been looking at so far in this review, this Black+Decker blade is a U-shank blade. This jigsaw blade fits all universal jigsaws with U-shank.

Generally, this kit offers you value for your money. Included in this kit are blades for smooth and rough wood cutting and blades for both thin and medium metal cutting.

The Black+Decker 75-626 jigsaw blade kit is a 24 pieces jigsaw blade kit with five different categories. With the Black+Decker you get five blades for rough cutting, four blades for smooth finishing, five blades for scrolling, five blades for medium metal cutting, and five-blade for thin metal cutting.

All the blades in this kit are 3 inches long with 2 ¼ inches usable length. The rough cutting blade comes with 6 teeth per inch. The smooth finish blade comes with 10 teeth per inch. For the scrolling blade, you also get 10 teeth per inch.

The medium metal cutting blade comes with 18 teeth per inch, and the thin metal cutting blade comes with 24 teeth per inch.

  • Value for money
  • Versatile cutting
  • Durable construction material
  • The storage case is not durable


6. Bosch 20 TPI Clean for Wood T-Shank Jig Saw Blades (T101AO3)

Bosch T101AO3 3-Piece 3-1/4 In. 20 TPI Clean for Wood T-Shank Jig Saw Blades For Plywood cutting


Another well thought out the blade for jigsaws from Bosch is the T101AO3 kit. Apart from Bosch’s superior dominance of the market thanks to their quality tools, this kit also comes in handy when delivering clean-cut for wood.

The T101AO3 is a premium grade T-shank 3 piece blade, which offers more power from its five-point of contact. This Bosch blade is the best jigsaw blades for Plywood, MDF, hard and softwood, laminated subtracts, and plywood.

Made from high-carbon steel, this Bosch jigsaw blade is lasting and break-resistant. Also, the pointed teeth on its blades reduced splintering your workpiece.

The wavy teeth sets with up to 20 teeth per inch allows you to be able to use this blade with a variety of materials where rough cuts are acceptable. The blades are 3 ¼ inches long giving more usable length to cut your material.

  • High carbon steel construction
  • Value for money
  • Prevents splintering
  • Blades are not very thick


7. Bosch T101B1000 Jigsaw blades

Bosch T101B100 Wood blade For Plywood cutting; Plastic Clean Cut 4


Finally, this Bosch T101B1000 is one of the best blades for jigsaw you can get at a price you’d almost feel the blades are free. This Bosch T101B1000 is a 100-piece jigsaw blade kit suitable for wood and plastic clean cuts.

All the blades in this kit are 4 inches long and offer 3 inches of working length.

Additionally, you get on each blade 10 teeth per inch, making it suitable for clean cuts on hard and softwood, plastic, plywood, and OSB.

In this kit are T101B jigsaw blades with T-shank construction, making it quite powerful due to its five contact points. And with the high carbon steel construction material used to craft the blades, makes it durable and long-lasting.

The wavy teeth set on the blades allow you to be able to use this blade on a wider variety of materials.

  • T-shank offers maximum stability and grip
  • Economical
  • Highly efficient
  • Durable construction
  • Not suitable for plunge cutting


Types Of Jigsaw Blades Shanks

1. T-shank blade

T-shank is one of the most common jigsaw blade types. The T-shank jigsaw as so named is shaped like a T and offers up to five contact points for delivering more power.

The good thing about jigsaws that accept T-shank blades is that they also accept U-shank blades, making them quite versatile. The design of T-shank blades also offers a faster blade changing system.

2. U-shank blade

U-shank blades are sometimes called universal shanks because they are the much older type of shank style.

Most U-shank blades have to be fastened into place by some kind of retaining screw and Allen key, which makes changing blades a bit of a hassle.

Jigsaw blade with plywood

Types of Jigsaw Blade by Material

1. HSS (High-Speed Steel)

High-speed steel blades are a type of jigsaw blade designed to offer maximum efficiency for fast and precise cutting. Because of the high speed they operate, they are often destroyed by heat. They are less flexible than carbon steel and a bit most costly.

2. High Carbon Steel Blade (HCS)

The high carbon steel blade is the most common type of jigsaw blade but they wear out too fast. Also, carbon steel blades are flexible, which increases their chances of breaking.

However, they are quite inexpensive. HCS is a dependable blade for general shop use, especially with wood cutting.

3. Bi-metal Blades

Bi-metal blades are one of the most durable types of blade you can get as they last twice as long as HSS blades, and 10 times more than HCS blades. These blades are made from HSS teeth and HCS flexibility making it quite versatile.

4. Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide jigsaw blade offers excellent performance on a wide range of materials. The tough brazed carbide grit edge can withstand tough material giving you a long life of smooth, & non-binding cutting action.

5. Carbide Grit

Carbide grit or tipped jigsaw blades feature a strip of carbide teeth bounded on an HCS body, giving you longer-lasting performance. You can use a carbide grit blade to cut through abrasive materials like masonry, tile, fiberglass, etc.

Cutting plywood by Jigsaw blade

How to Choose A Jigsaw Blade? (Buying Guide)

1. Blade Fabrication

The manufacturing method used in constructing the blade is a factor you need to consider. A well-fabricated blade is more durable and can stand the test of time. Not many manufactures will reveal their manufacturing procedure, but what you need to note is the thickness of the blade.

2. The Type of Materials You Cut

The nature of the material you want to cut needs to affect the type of blade you are to buy. Some blades can cut only woods efficiently, while some blades can cut a variety of materials ranging from woods to metals, pipes, etc.

3. High Carbon Steel

High carbon steel is the common material used for constructing jigsaw blades. Not to mention they are cheaper and effectively cut through most materials used in and around homes. So, as a DIY enthusiast, an HCS blade is a decent purchase to make.

4. The Size Of The Blade

The length of the blade is also another factor that should influence your buying decision. If you want to cut thick pieces of materials, you need a long blade.

5. The Blade Teeth

The number of teeth on the blade affects the smoothness of the cut you will get at the end of the day. Also, when cutting hard materials like metal, it is best to use a blade with the most number of teeth.

6. TPI of the Blade

TPI which means the teeth per inch of the blade is the number of teeth you will find every inch on the blade. The TPI is the unit used to describe the number of teeth on a blade.

7. The Type of Teeth

Lastly, different blades have different cutting teeth settings. Below are the four common types you will most likely encounter.

  • Wavy: Milled wavy jigsaw set is a type of teeth style that can be used for fine and straight cuts on plywood, aluminum, plastic, etc.
  • Taper: Ground taper blade set can be used for both curved and straight cuts. It can be adapted for fine cutting on wood, plastic, plywood, etc.
  • Reverse: Ground reverse blade set reverses blades like taper ground such that the blades are pointing in the opposite direction.
  • Side: Ground side blade set combines side set style and ground cutting teeth for both curved and straight cutting into wood and some plastic.

How to Cut Plywood with a Jigsaw without Splintering?

To cut plywood without the issue of splintering, you need to select the right teeth. Splintering often occurs at the top surface of the material you are cutting.

To avoid splintering, place the plywood on a flat, sturdy working platform, and support it properly. Also, cut at a low speed. Using a reverse tool blade will help avoid splintering since the blades are not facing down.

Final Words

To wrap things up, with the knowledge of the best jigsaw blades for plywood review, finding what works best for you should be easier. Now that you are all set up, check out our list of best jigsaws for 2021 to match these blades for the best performance. If you have any questions, kindly leave a comment in the comment section below.

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