Best Table Saws Under 200 Reviews & Buying Guides For 2021

Table saws can be quite expensive, nevertheless, you can get a good table saw for less than $200. The objective of this guide is to help you find the Best Table Saws Under 200 dollars in 2021. People believe a quality saw cost so much money. But this is far from the truth as you can find the best budget table saw without spending so much.

Besides, in this review, we would not only recommend the best but also give you some tips to help you find the best model for the money.

The 5 Best Table Saws Under 200 Dollar In 2021-Reviews

1. Rockwell RK7323 BladeRunner X2 Tabletop Saw Review

Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw under 200 dollar


To begin this review, let’s take a look at the best value table saw excellently designed by Rockwell, the RK7323. Founded in 2005, Rockwell is a china-based manufacturer with headquarter in North America. The Rockwell RK7323 BladeRunner is an ultimate portable cutting machine ideal for seasoned DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

Featuring on this saw is a 5.5 amp motor with a no-load speed of 3000/min which can cut materials as thick as 1 ½ inch thick. Built tough to handle virtually anything you throw at it from plastic to wood, ceramic tile, aluminum, and even metal.

The carrier handle comes in handy in transporting this unit to the site. And with a weight of only 14.7 ounces, carrying this saw from site to site comes easy.

The Rockwell RK7323 uses the standard 4-inch T-shank jigsaw blade which gives you the versatility to cut one material to another easily and quickly. With the tool-free blade changes, you can change between the five blades that come with this saw without any hassle.

The addition of the splitter and hold-down guard lets you cut wider material. With the adjustable gauge, you can make miter cuts between 0 and 60 degrees. You can also make rip cut, scroll cuts, cross cuts with this tabletop saw.

The larger rip fence takes this version of BladeRunner to the next level. The safety switch protects you from accidents, and the vacuum port helps you keep you breathing dust-free air in your workspace.

Ultimately, this best price table saw frees up your hands for precise control of materials being cut to give you a nice accurate cut.

  • Easy blade switch for more versatility with cuts
  • You can make miter cuts as large as 60 degrees with this miter saw
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Affordable saw
  • Not suitable for cutting thick materials


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2. WORX WX572L BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw

WORX WX572L BladeRunner x2 Portable budget Tabletop Saw under 200


Our best price table saw is the WORX WX572L tabletop saw. Introduced in 2004, WORX is a China-based manufacturer of power tools with headquarter in North America. As a renowned manufacturer, for those after a lightweight and compact table saw, we recommend this WORX WX572L good budget table saw.

Featuring on this tabletop saw is a 27 watt motor with a no-load speed of 3000/min giving you enough power and capacity to tackle projects both small and big.

This WORX saw is the best DIY table saw because of its compact and lightweight design with a carry handle that lets you take it anywhere and set it up in seconds.

Moreover, this unit weighs less than 15 pounds. Also, the design of this compact tabletop saw frees up both of your hands so you can adjust the material as you need.

Additionally, this WORX tabletop saw is compatible with the standard 4-inch T-shank jigsaw blade. The tool-free blade change feature on this saw gives you the flexibility to easily change between the five blades in this unit for cutting metal, aluminum, wood, scroll, and ceramic tiles.

For more versatility, you get an adjustable miter gauge between 0 and 60 degrees to make miter cuts. For added safety, WORX added a safety switch to prevent accidental starts.

Other features like the rip fence and blade grip give you the versatility to make a smooth and accurate cut with ease.

The WORX WX572L comes with a dust port that lets you direct all the wood dust through one port and out of your workspace.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Value for money saw
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful enough to cut metals, ceramic, and hardwood
  • Not suitable for cutting thick materials


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3. SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw with Folding Stand Review

SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw under 200 dollar


Skil 3410-02 is a cost-effective professional table saw built to last. Skil, like most power tool manufacturers in this review, is a Chinese-owned brand based in the United States. Founded in 1926, Skil is no new manufacturer of power tools with many years used in innovating and improving existing products.

As such, Skil designed the 3410-02 table saw with a powerful 15 amp motor capable of producing a no-load speed of 5000 RPM which can rip through all varieties of wood.

The durable heavy-duty steel folding legs with a quick-mount makes set-up and storage easy.

The cast aluminum cutting table also contributes to the overall durability of this table saw.

Additionally, Skil designed this table saw with a 10 inches carbide-tooth blade. You can also make a bevel adjustment with this table saw between 0 and 47 degrees. With this table saw, at 90 degrees you can get a maximum cutting depth of 3 ½ inches, and at 45 degrees, you get a maximum cutting depth of 2 ½ inches.

Other features like the EZ measurement system and self-aligning rip fence lets you achieve a more accurate cut. Apart from being a compact table saw, this table saw weighs 67.5 pounds.

  • Decent power to rip through hard materials
  • Reasonably lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Suitable for cutting thick materials
  • Does not come with a dust port


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4. Genesis GTS10SB 10-inch Table Saw Review

Genesis GTS10SB 10


Another one of the most popular and the best table saw under 200 uk that gives you value for your money is the Genesis GTS10SB table saw. Genesis table saws are manufactured by Richpower Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of power tools since 2003 with offices in South Carolina.

With the Genesis GTS10SB, built with a powerful 15 amp motor that can generate up to 4800 RPM no-load speed, you can rip through hardwoods and other hard materials. Also, the heavy-duty metal Stan and the die-cast aluminum table gives you a tough table saw that can stand the test of time.

When it comes to functionality, with this genesis 10 table saw, you can make rip cuts, bevel cuts, compound cuts, and miter cuts.

Featuring on this table saw is the 10 inches 40T carbide-tooth blade you can use to cut thick materials. This table saw also comes with an adjustable oversized miter gauge you can use for bevel cuts from 0 to 45 degrees. At 90 degrees, you can make cuts up to 3 inches deep, and at 45 degrees you can make cuts 2 ½ inches deep.

Other features like the self-aligning rip fence automatically lock at the rear and front for more accuracy with your cuts. Genesis also designed this table saw such that you can expand the rip capacity up to 24 inches wide.

You also get a 2 ¼ inches dust collection port which helps to keep your workspace clean. Overall, this table saw weighs 55 pounds which is quite easy to transport.

  • The powerful motor rips through hard materials easily
  • Large blade for cutting thick materials
  • Dust blower to keep your workspace clean
  • Durably built
  • Affordable
  • Kickback pawls and blade guard does not stay in place


5. Craftsman Evolv 15 amp 10 in Table Saw 28461 Review

Craftsman Evolv 15 Amp 10 In. Table Saw 28461 under budget 200


Lastly, let’s take a look at the Craftsman table saw 28461, another best table saw for under 200 dollars. Choose craftsman Evolv 28461 table saw because they are a United States-based manufacturer that has been in the industry since 1927. As such when it comes to delivering high-quality table saws, Craftsman isn’t lagging. The craftsman Evolv table saw price can be found at Amazon’s link below

Featuring on this Craftsman Evolv table saw is a 15 amp powerful motor. Combining such superior power with durable steel stands and the cast aluminum table gives you a table saw that can last for years.

With the Craftsman table saw 28461, you can achieve versatility with your cuttings. And with a table height of 36 inches from the floor, you can cut your materials from a comfortable height.

In addition to the exciting features so far, this table saw also comes with 10 inches 24T carbide-tipped blade. The easy to adjust miter gauge comes in handy when making bevel cuts between 0 and 45 degrees.

With this table saw, at 90 degrees, you can get up to 3 inches of cutting depth, and at 45 degrees you can get up to 2 ½ inches cutting depth. And with a weight of fairly 50 pounds, transporting this table saw from one job site to another comes easy.

Other features that make this table saw efficient is the anti-kickback pawl, blade guard assembly, and rip fence.

  • Durable construction
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Suitable for cutting large materials
  • Fairly lightweight
  • No dust collection port


Things To Consider When Buying The Best Table Saw – Buying Guide

Best table saw under budget

  • Budget

You’re going through this review because you’re searching for the best job site table saw you can get for less than $200. It’s perfectly alright to have a budget when you’re looking for the best value table saw.

Having a budget makes it easier to settle to choose from a few models of table saws. Filter out the table saws that are within your budget price range and compare their various features and choose the saw that best meets your needs.

  • Ease Of Use

Another feature you need to keep an eye out for is the ease of using it. You don’t need a complex table saw to get the best cut. A simple, easy to set-up table saw with all the right features will give you the flexibility to get the work done with ease.

  •  Portability

While professional table saws are more expensive and offer more cutting power and versatility, they are usually very heavy and not portable. But most table saws under 200 dollars are portable table saws and are easy to transport to job sites.

So, when searching for the ideal table saw under 200, look out for portability features like compact design, collapsible legs, and lightweight construction material.

  • Space Available

It might be very tempting to just go for any of the top-rated table saws in the market because of the enticing features it comes with. But before you make such a decision, it’s best to consider the size of the working space you have.

Remember some table saws feature an extensible table such that they are both compact and ideal to handle large projects when needed.

  • Safety Features

Look out for safety features like the emergency stop switch. While handling a power tool, anything can go wrong. So to prevent accidents, many manufacturers integrated some safety measures in their table saw to protect you from injuries.

Blade guard, anti-kickback pawl, flesh detection, etc are a few safety features to look out for.

  • Cutting Capability

Another essential factor to consider is the cutting capability of the table saw you want to buy. When considering the cutting capability of a table saw, features like the miter gauge, rip fence, and size of the blade needs to be considered.

  • Motor Power

You need to also consider the power of the motor because it has an impact on the type of material you can cut with it. The higher the power of the motor, the harder the type of material you can cut with it.

So, it is important you buy a table saw with enough power to cut what you desire.

  • Accuracy

Lastly, how accurate the table saw can cut is another important factor you need to consider. It’s important that the table saw you buy can cut exactly where you want it to cut.

As long as you have the best table saw, you should be able to cut with accuracy even as a novice.

FAQs – You Need To Know 

Best table saw blade under your budget

1. What is the best table saw for DIY?

For DIY projects, we recommend buying the WORX WX572L table saw. We’re recommending this table saw because it is not expensive. And despite its affordability, it also comes packed with so much power to get the job done.

Importantly, this table saw is easy to use and setup at job sites.

2. What is the best portable table saw for the money?

We recommend going to the Rockwell RK7323 table saw. What makes this table saw portable is its extremely lightweight nature and integrated carrier handle. The ease to set up this table saw in seconds is another one of its big advantages.

Moreover, this table saw comes with just about all the right features you’d need to complete any project from cabinets to windows, door, and roof constructions despite its portable nature.

3. What is the best table saw for a beginner?

As a beginner, you need a table saw that can cut with so much precision and accuracy. As such, with the Genesis GTS10SB table saw, you’ve got all you need as a beginner. When it comes to power, you can put a checkmark on it because this table saw is built to cut through any hardwood and even metal.

Furthermore, the excellently designed rip fence, miter gauge, and large carbide teeth blade make cutting a breeze.

4. What is the best table saw for woodworking?

For woodworking, we’d like to recommend the SKIL 3410-02. This table saw comes packed with enough power to cut through different levels of hardwood.

Moreover, the adjustable miter gauge between 0 and 47 degrees lets you make a wider angle cut. And because of its large blade and excellent design, you still get enough blade to make cuts in thick materials.

5. Which blade should I use?

As you already know, there are different sets of blades you can get for a table saw to get the versatility to cut through a wide variety of materials.

The number of teeth on the blade, as well as the size of the blade, determines the type of material and size of material you can cut. For example, a 40-tooth blade is an all-purpose blade that can cut through any material.

6. Can you put a 7-inch blade on a 10-inch table saw?

Yes, you can use a 7-inch blade on a 10-inch table saw. Using a smaller blade on a bigger table saw does not pose any danger. Also, the RPM of a smaller blade and a larger blade on the same table saw remains the same.

7. Which table saw has the best fence?

The Genesis GTS10SB table saw also comes with the best fence in its class of table saws. Its rip fence is so designed that it is self-aligning and automatically locks at the front and rear for precise cutting.

So, with the excellent design of this table saw fence, your hands are freed up to do other things rather than adjusting the material you’re cutting.

8. What is the best table saw for home use?

For the best table saw for home use go for the Craftsman 28461 Evolv table saw. This table saw is fairly priced and comes packed with enough power to handy a wide variety of tasks at home.

Its table height of 36 inches lets you cut from a comfortable height for more convenience. And its large blade also lets you cut through thick materials.

Final Words

To sum things up, this review of the best table saws under 200 should be an eye-opener for you when it comes to making buying decisions. Although it’s just best to save a little bit more to get a table saw in the higher price bracket without breaking the back because there’s so much better option. But if you need to stay within this price range we recommend checking out our recommendable table saws first.

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