Clipped Head VS Round Head Framing Nailer [Complete Explained]

You may wonder about why nails are divided into clipped, round, and off-center when you can get your work done with all of these quite comfortably. Well, there are certain differences among all these Clipped Head VS Round Head Framing Nailer with their pros and cons.

Though you can get most of your work done with any of these nailers, it is better to know which one works best for any specific task.

In this Clipped Head vs Round Head Framing Nailer post, we are going to share with you some core information about both of these nailers along with their advantages, disadvantages, and distinctions.

Clipped head framing vs round head framing nail

What Is A Clipped Nail: Clipped Head Framing Nailers

BOSTITCH Framing Nailer, Clipped Head


Clipped Head Nailers accommodate clipped head nails only. These Nails have a shape that looks like the English letter ‘D’.

BOSTITCH Framing Nails


In clip head nails, half of the head of the nails are clipped off. To bear in mind clipped head nails not allowed.

It is beneficial when you need constant nailing with the nailer. You can put this kind of nails one after another in your nailer and that’s why you can work faster.

Clipped head nailers are used in the projects where you use nails very frequently without much space left. Another feature of the clipped head nailers is that you can fit many nails together with the help of a paper.


More Nails, Better Speed:

Clipped head framing nailers can hold many nails in the clip at one time. So, it becomes possible to get more nail shorts before you for reloading. You need not waste time standing for the next nailing. If you have a tight deadline and need to get your work done faster, clipped nails are a unique choice. No nailer can ensure quicker speed than this.

Clipped head framing nail


Clipped head framing nails and nailers are cheaper than Round Head framing nails and nailers. Due to the straightforward collation process, the cost of making clipped head framing nails are lower. So, if budget is an issue for you and you are looking for something affordable, you can go for clipped head framing nailers.

Smaller Magazine:

As you can fit many clipped head nails together in the magazine, the magazine of clipped head nailers is smaller than the magazine of a round head framing nailer. This helps to keep the nailer lightweight and easy to carry.


Prone to Jamming:

As nails are filled in the magazine without any space left, the probability of jamming in the nailer is pretty common.

Not a Good Choice in an Area Prone to Disaster:

If an area faces a lot of earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes, clipped head nails are not an ideal choice to use. In that case, many city authorities might ban or control the use of clipped head nailers in the construction work to avoid risk in the future.

What Is A Full Head Nail: Round Head Framing Nailers

Round Head Framing Nailer for woodworking


The full round head framing nailer is the most common and traditional types of nailers available for decades.

Round Head Exterior Galvanized Collated Framing Nails


They use round head nails in the nailing tasks. Round Head nails in a nail gun come with a full head.

They are way more secure and used in most of the construction work that you see around. However, round head nailers use a comparatively big magazine with little more weight.

Round Head framing nailPros:


Round Head Framing Nailers use round head nails which are safe to use. Round Head nails are used in the areas that are prone to natural disasters to hold the object strongly.

Effective Nailing:

A full round head framing nails more effectively as it uses round head nails. You will hardly find any jamming in the nailing task as nails are well ordered keeping enough space between two nails. The nails in this kind of nailer are well organized.


Need Frequent Reloading:

As round head nailers keep a gap between each nail, you cannot put many nails at a time. You need to reload your  nailer magazine more frequently with nails if you are using a round head nailer.


As these nailers use round head nails, they seem to be a little bulky. However, the advantages outweigh this issue to a great extent.

Clipped Head vs Round Head Framing Nailer 

Here is a table to distinguish the differences between Clipped Head Framing Nailer and Round Head Framing Nailer in a nutshell:


Clipped Head Framing Nailer

Round Head Framing Nailer

Uses Clipped Head nailsUses Round Head nails
Can take more nails at a timeNeeds to get reloaded frequently
Comes with a smaller magazineComes with a bigger magazine
Pretty lightweightSomewhat heavy
Not suitable to be used in disaster-prone areasBest for disaster-prone areas
Gets jammed easilyDoes not get jammed easily
Can work with more speedWay slower to work
Great for quick nailingGreat for permanent nailing

Final Thoughts

There are certain differences in the construction and operation style in the clipper head framing nailers and round head framing nailers. We hope that our illustration of Clipped Head vs Round Head Framing Nailer showing their pros and cons will help you buy the right kind of nailer for your new project.

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