How To Use A Palm Nailer – Step By Step Guide

Ever been in a simple DIY job and got hit by a roadblock where you can’t simply get a nail into a particular corner? If you have been in such a situation, you’d understand the importance of a palm nail. In this review, you’d learn what a palm nailer is, the types, and how to use a palm nail.

Importantly, note that a palm nailer serves different purposes than a collated nailer or a nail gun. Also, these nailers come in different types ranging from electric palm nailers to cordless palm nailers for several applications.

What Is A Palm Nailer?

In simple terms, a palm nailer is a small pneumatic tool that you can use to drive nails into wood, concrete, or any other material. You’d find a palm fastener very useful when driving nails in tight areas with obstacles that prevent forcing or hammering on the nail.

Generally, most palm fastener has a design such that it drives joist hanger nails, large framing nails, or other bulk nails similar in size.

One of the main differences between a palm nail and a traditional air-powered framing nail is the type of nails they drive. Traditional air-powered framing nailers drive collated gun nails. But palm nail gun drive in non-collated variations of these nails.

What Types Of Palm Nailers Are Available?

There are several types of palm nailers available, depending on the power and size option. But the best palm nailer for flooring and other types of carpentry is the cordless palm nail gun and the pneumatic palm nailer.

  • Cordless Palm Nailer

The cordless palm nailer is a compact palm nail gun powered by a battery. Many Dewalt palm nailers, Milwaukee mini nailers, etc., are cordless palm nail guns and are very useful for working on-site with no power supply.

cordless palm nailer kit


Special Features:

Item modelItem WeightBatteriesPower SourceIncluded ComponentsWarrantyPrice
Milwaukee 2458-213.9 pounds1 12V batteries required. (included)Cordless-electricTool Bag, Palm Nailer, M12 1.5Ah Battery, Charger5 YearsSee Price

And because of their compact size, you can easily travel with it to a remote location. It could be provided with a simple 18V or 24V battery to power the nailer.

  • Pneumatic Palm Nailer

Pneumatic palm nailers use an air compressor as the power source. To use this palm fastener, you have to connect the air compressor cord to the port.

Ridgid palm nailer and Lowes palm nail gun are popular examples of pneumatic palm fasteners.

Ridgid Palm Nailer with Metal Housing Pneumatic palm nailer


Special Features:

Item modelItem WeightProduct DimensionsBatteries Required?Price
Ridgid R350PNF3.39 pounds8.13 x 5.88 x 4.5 inchesNoSee Price

Pneumatic palm nail guns are more powerful than electric palm nailers. However, it comes with a few drawbacks like its bulkiness. A typical pneumatic palm nail gun can operate between 50 PSI and 125 PSI of pressure.

What Type Of Job Can A Palm Nailer Do?

A palm nailer can service so many functions. Below are a few tasks you can put your palm fastener to do:

  • You can use a palm fastener to fasten a joist hanger and metal connectors.
  • You can also use a palm gun to fit in nails into narrow spots like the ceiling, corners, and edges.
  • You can use a palm nail gun for framing, fencing, and making decks.

Here we show the Pros & Cons that will clear to you, this nailer really need or not-

  • A magnetic nail holder makes it easier to drive the nail where intended.
  • Faster and more convenient to use than a regular nail gun
  • More accurate for driving in nails than a regular nail gun
  • Unlike traditional nail guns, palm fasteners are lightweight and compact.
  • Can drive nails of different sizes from small to big
  • Cordless nailers are not all that powerful.
  • It would be best if you loaded nails into a palm fastener manually.
  • Some models of palm nail guns still require you to hammer the end of the nail after driving.

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How Does A Palm Nailer Gun Work?

  • Safety First

A palm nailer is a very safe tool to use. Because they work with the push of a button, you eliminate the risk of hitting your hand with a hammer. Moreover, 360-degree swivel support provides you with more convenience.

Try to also read out the manual before using any mini nailer tool. Ignoring to read the manual can be particularly risky, especially when you don’t have so much knowledge regarding such chores.

  • Strap It Down

More so, the hand strap provides you with a secure grip for better results. This little tool packs a lot of speed, so you need to ensure you can properly strap down your nail.

With a properly secure grip, you’ll be less out of control, and as such, making the nailing process easier and faster. So, whatever model of mini nailer you want to buy, ensure the palm grip is secure and snug.

  • Positioning

The right posture is vital when you want to use a palm nailer. The way you position yourself while holding the tool can affect your result. Sit or stand with your face a bit away from the nailer while using it.

Make sure you are not uncomfortably lying down or bending. It is vital to maintain a comfortable position and not an awkward posture.

  • Drive

Also, when you choose the right nails, it makes the nailing process a breeze. But because of the magazine design on most palm nailers models, you’d have to fit in the nail manually, although it’s not hard.

Moreover, the magnetic nail holder comes in handy when driving in nails into materials.

What Is The Difference Between A Pneumatic Palm Nailer And An Electric Palm Nailer?

There isn’t much difference between these two types of palm nailers. With the pneumatic palm nail gun, it functions with the help of an air compressor. So, having an air compressor prior makes a pneumatic palm nailer a simple plug you can hook to the compressor.

As such, a pneumatic palm nailer is quite affordable. An electric palm fastener is more expensive because they come with an internal power source. Unlike pneumatic mini nailers that are not priced with the air compressor, the electric mini palm nailers are priced with an 18V or 24V battery.

But the difficulty with the electric palm nailer is that you’d have to charge the battery and keep them on you on site. However, they are more convenient to use than an air compressor for professional use.

Some Safety Concerns?

Before you jump into using any palm nailer, it is key to always read the manual before using it. Avoid unnecessary mishaps and hazards by always working with tools for the right usage.

Do not ignore or bypass the safety features of a thumb nailer. Also, while using a palm nailer, it is best to have a safety guard while working with the palm nail. Safety gears like tight helmets, earbuds, and safety gloves come in handy for your safety.

Final Verdicts

To sum things up, as a professional carpenter or a DIY enthusiast, knowing how to use a palm nailer is a skill worth learning. Not only does a mini nailer make your work more convenient, but it also makes your work faster.

Get the best palm nailer in your arsenal today, and make those mundane tasks seem bearable. If you have any questions regarding this review, kindly leave a comment in the comment section below; we’d be glad to assist.

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