Nail Gun Safety Tips For Beginners

The nail gun has made nailing work easier and faster. However, you should never forget how powerful they are and how devastating they can be if the proper instructions are not followed at the time of using them. They can be compared with the handguns when it comes to speed.

Some of the nail guns allow launching nails at a speed of 1,400 feet or 427 meters per second. Once used improperly, air nail guns can cause injuries undecorated injuries in the field in a number of ways. So, you must follow all Nail Gun Safety Tips.

A combination of safe work out practices and appropriate not public protecting equipment can help take the edge off these risks.

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However, if you are a carpenter or DIYer, you should be alert while you use a nail gun. It is reported by the OSHA that about 37,000 people visit the emergency room each year being injured from nail guns.

Hands and fingers are the most affected by nail guns accident. Serious injuries can even cause death.

In this article, we are going to share some nail gun safety tips for you so that you can take care of yourself better from the next time you use a nail gun.

Top Nail Gun Safety Tips; To Make You Better

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The Right Trigger is the Key

To ensure maximum safety, you should be careful from the very time of buying a nail gun. The right type of trigger can help reduce the risk of accidents to a great extent. It is nothing other than the full sequential trigger that can ensure better safety.

This is the safest trigger mechanism until now for nail guns. With this trigger mode, you can have full control over your nail gun when it comes to firing a nail. Now, the question may arise what should you do with the contact trip trigger on a nail gun?

In this mechanism, you need to push the safety contact tip first into the surface. Later on, you need to pull the trigger to discharge a nail. You have to follow the same process for the second and the proceeding nail firing.

However, if you compare a full sequential trigger with the traditional contact trigger nail gun, you may found that the former is a bit slow. Yet, you should go for the latter as that ensures more safety.

In case, you have the scope to use both of the triggers, we would suggest you use the full sequential trigger nail gun especially when you are supposed to hold the lumber by hands.

Note that, it is better for you if you can mark different kinds of nail guns with some color coding or a distinct identification system. Do not allow the inexperienced workers to use the full sequential trigger without properly training them.

Ensure Proper Training

It is great if proper training of safety tips and PPE for pneumatic nail gun tips for the new workers can be provided regarding the use of nail guns.

An engaging, hands-on, and easy-to-understand training will help the workers understand the mechanism of nail guns properly.

Here are some of the aspects you should focus on while training the workers about nail guns:

  • The mechanism of nail guns
  • Different types of triggers and their use
  • How to maintain nail guns
  • Risk related to nail guns usage
  • The loading process of the nail gun
  • Operating the air compressor
  • Firing the nail gun properly
  • Working with different and difficult positions
  • Steps to take in case nail gun malfunctions.

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Create and Follow The Safety Rules

You have to determine a set of rules to establish nail gun procedures so that the workers know everything regarding the proper use of nail guns. It is better if you can let the new workers know about these rules when you train them.

Here are some common rules that you must make your workers read and understand:


  • Nail gun procedures should be kept available for every nail gun worker in a fixed place.
  • Each of the nail gun workers should thoroughly read the manufacturer’s instructions for each of the nail guns they use.
  • Every nail gun user should double-check the nail guns before starting to work.
  • Any broken or damaged tools should be handed over for replacement as soon as the damage is noticed.
  • Do not press the trigger when you hold and carry the gun.
  • Never press the trigger when you are changing position.
  • Do not use a hose to lower and drag the nail gun.
  • Use the dominant hand while you operate the nail gun.
  • Thoroughly check the lumber surface for hangers, knots, straps or anything that can cause recoil.
  • Keep your hand 1 foot away when you do placement work.
  • Never forget to disconnect the compressed air when you leave the nail gun alone.

Use Safety Gear 

Safety gears can help to prevent accidents related to nail guns. Here are some safety gears for you to use while working with nail guns:

  • Safety boots for protecting the feet for any injury
  • Hard and well-built hats
  • High-impact goggles or safety glasses for protecting the eyes.
  • Earmuffs or earplugs for protecting the ears from the sound.

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Final Thoughts

No matter whether you are a newbie or professional, you must know how to keep yourself safe with nail guns. If you and your workers can follow the nail gun safety tips mentioned above, we hope that the accident caused by nail guns will lessen to a great extent in your workplace.

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