Privacy Policy

Information collected by the visitors of a website is vital. There need to be some rule sets for collecting and maintaining that information. Those rule sets are known as privacy policies. These policies inform the users of the website about what information they will be providing and how that information will be used on the website.

Almost every interactive website on the internet has these policies. We are no different. Below you will get our privacy policies regarding user information.

Collection of information

Personal Identity Information

Any information that can help you be identified personally is considered as personal identity information. It’s not mandatory information to provide. It depends on your wish to be associated with us. If you want to be a premium member, then you have to give us some personal information.

That information includes address, phone number, email, names, etc. You can choose not to be our premium member and avoid sharing your personal information. In that case you will not be able to access all of our services. So, sharing this information is totally voluntary.

Non-personal identity

There is some information we collect from everyone. Regardless of their will to provide us with the information or not. But this information has nothing to do with the individual. The identity is totally kept a secret in this case.

Non-personal information is browser name, the device name, technical info about the ISP provider or operating system, etc. These kinds of information don’t really reveal the identity of the user but help the website to be optimized better for usage. It’s collected using some protocols as soon as they access the website.


Cookies make sure users have a better experience on the website. It helps the website to run much smoother and faster for specific users.

Cookies are some data that is recorded into the user’s hard drive for later use and better performance. A user can refuse to accept cookies in the browser settings as well as on the pop-up message on our website, although that might lead to a sloppy performance in some areas of the website. So, if you want a better and faster experience on the website, it’s always better to accept cookies, especially if you are a regular visitor to the website.

Use of information

The information we collect is used to give you a better experience of our website usage. Also, in the case of personal identity information, you get some additional benefits. Besides this, we use the information for some other purposes as well. They are-

  • Improving service: By providing info, you can ensure better service for yourself. You get access to newsletters and messages regarding updates and offers. We use the information to give you better support.
  • Differentiating user experience: With the provided information, we get knowledge about our users and their experiences on the website, which helps us to provide better content on the site.
  • Enhancing the website: From your interaction with the website, we get to know what we should work on to give you a better user experience.
  • Update information: With your information, we keep updating our resources and inform you from time to time. Also, use the information to let you know about new features and exciting offers.

Protecting information

Your information is undoubtedly important for you and for us as well. So, we make sure that it is safe with us. We use all the best possible solutions we have to keep your information safe. Our programmers strictly monitor any kind of unusual activity regarding your information. We use complete security against hacking. You don’t need to worry about your data anymore. It’s in the safest of hands with our expert team working behind.

Managing information

Controlling your information means collecting, managing, and most importantly sharing your information. We don’t share your information with any outside parties. Some of your statistical information might be shared with our partners and affiliates. Those help them to come up with better promotional activities or improvements on the product. That’s only demographic data. We are very much careful about your personal information. We have a strict policy for not sharing your personal information with anyone.

Linked websites

You might experience some third-party website content while surfing our websites. Or some part of our website might be linked to our partnering websites. We are not in control of these websites or their contents. So, once you access them, you are out from our website. What happens after that won’t be any of our concern. You immediately fall under their own privacy and policies. We suggest after being redirected to those websites you check out their privacy policies as well. These links are not static; they might vary from time to time and user to user. If you notice any inappropriate content be sure to inform us.


You may see advertisements flying around on our website. Our advertising associates most likely put them up. Most of these advertisements involve cookies collecting non-personal data and sending aimed advertisements to you. These advertisements and cookies have nothing to do with your private data or our databases. They are focused on the demographics and quantities of your quest.

Since we are members of some affiliate programs, we must make these services available on our website.

Google Ads

We have also signed up with Google to place ads on our website. They are allowed to present any kind of relevant advertisement on our site. Just like the other advertisements on our website these ads also have nothing to do with us. Any kind of misconduct happening from these ads is completely your responsibility. We won’t be liable for those mishaps.

Change in policies

This does not represent an enduring policy. Depending on our convenience, there might be an addition or deletion of some clauses. If this occurs, we will make sure our users know the modifications, and they are highlighted at the top of the page. We recommend you keep checking the privacy policies.


If you are supposed to use the page on an ongoing basis, this implies that you have fully adopted the privacy policy. If you have any concerns about the policy, be ready to inform us. If it is valid, we will certainly bring your suggestions on board.