Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are some rule sets you have to follow before you start using our website. If you don’t agree with the terms and conditions, it’s better to abstain from using the website. Also, if you are found violating any of the rule sets, you will be banned from using our website.

If you continue using the website, then it will just mean you agree to our terms and conditions. In case of any complaints regarding the terms, you can contact us. We are happy to hear from you. And if it’s fixable, we will surely take the necessary measures to implement your suggested changes.

Below you will get all the terms and conditions to use our website-

The site and account:

The usage of the site and your account security is completely your liability. We won’t be held responsible for these. Any kind of unauthorized entry is totally upon you, and also the activities taking place from your account is your responsibility. If anything goes against our policies from your account, we will immediately take action against that. We won’t be questionable to you. If you see anything unusual from your account then you can inform us, we will surely look into it.

Responsibilities as a contributor:

As a contributor to the website, you should realize your responsibilities. You can’t share stuff that violates our rules and regulations. Or you can’t upload something that might cause harm to other users. If we find anything violating our rules, we have the right to discard your content. If you face any unnecessary disapproval, you can contact us regarding the issue.


Subscribing to the website will get you access to our newsletters and exciting offers. Also, changes regarding the website and the business will be informed through email. You will get privileged email support from us. You can state any of your problems to us through emails. We will reply to you within 48 hours. In the case of sloppy support, you can contact us or complain. We will work on it.

Visitors and contents:

As a visitor, you have to make sure of your own security. We won’t be responsible for your interaction with corrupted files or links. Providing external links to be shown on our website for an advertisement purpose. We don’t concern about the contents of those links. They are completely separate from our website. So, if you interact with those links you do it at your own risk. We will have warning signs here and there put up for you in case of broken or corrupted links. Other than that, we won’t be concerned about your issues regarding those links. It’s completely your responsibility after that. The contents on the website are mostly published by our authorized writers and some contributors. So, if you have any issues regarding the contents on our website, you can always contact us, we will undoubtedly take a look at it.

Copyrights and intellectual property:

Being original is one of our primary concerns. We want our content to be unique and not copied from elsewhere. If you are a contributor, we encourage you to be original and not use materials from other websites here. We are very strict with intellectual property law here. We also expect the same from others as well. Don’t use any of our content somewhere else. We will surely take action against that. Violation of intellectual property law is very vital to us. If you happen to get any information on that, be sure to inform us.


We permit to show ads on our website. They can be from our associates, executive members, affiliates, and from Google as well. None of these ads have anything to do with us. We just give some of our empty space to them for advertising and receive a commission out of it. It’s important for us to publish ads on the website as we are representing some specific products. It’s also important for our growth.

Associates and affiliates:

If you buy any product from the affiliates and associates, we represent then you fall under their customer support team. We won’t have any kind of help to give you in that regard. We just review the products. If you are not satisfied with the products or find any flaws in the product then that’s not our concern. We review them based on many reviews by other people and also by using them for ourselves. So, if it doesn’t suit your needs, we won’t be liable for that. That will be the responsibility of those who provide the product or manufacture it.


Make our website change anytime and our policies anytime we want. We won’t be liable for any kind of changes. We will be sure to inform you about the upcoming changes. So, we suggest you keep up with the changes we bring here. And if you have any issues regarding those changes then inform us, we will review and get back to you.


Your access to the website can be expired anytime. It can be done for various reasons. Your violation of our terms and conditions can be a cause, or it can be caused by some of our internal issues as well. If you have a problem with this term, we suggest you stop using the site.


Our partners and we are not liable to you for disclosing any kind of internal matter regarding the products and contents. We will inform you only about the things that have a direct connection with you and concerns you.


Your agreement to these terms and conditions portrays that you accepted all of these conditions and you can’t hold us responsible for any kinds of mishaps.


This summarizes all of the terms and conditions we have discussed. It binds you with the whole discussion we had. Also, anything here can be changed by executive members in relation to the website usage policy that is provided by the country.