What Is A Palm Nailer Used For? [The Best Solution]

 Palm Nailers will help a small place to work,

where the hammer is not enough space to run.

There are different types of nail guns. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen one of these types of the mini nailer. It’s used for nailing in tight places. This carpenter tool is one of them an innovation. We may be hearing the name of the full-size dwarf nailer, maybe even see two/one but how it can be used is unknown to many?

This is a comparatively new concept in the nail gun era, it has been seen in both home remodeling and construction projects. This type of hand nail gun user-friendliness and affordability have become popular day by day.

If you want to buy a tiny tool before you spend your valuable cash which is Hard-earned money, you can view the details about these small tools below and also we provide the best palm nailer reviews to choose the best for your projects. Before answering the question what is a palm nailer used for?

To bear in mind a proverb, “look before you leap”.

What is a palm nailer and what is a palm nailer used for?

What is Palm Nailer?

What is a palm nailer?Best Air-powered palm nailers are light in weight and there is a nice fit in the palm of the hand. These look like a regular nail gun that is connected with the air compressor may run faster nails.

Cordless palm nailer models will be found in the market which is maybe less power but it has an outstanding advantage side. Where the regular nail gun is unable to operate in a short space, the palm nailer cordless reaches the short spaces and performs nicely.

If we simply want to say about a joist nail gun, a mini nail gun is a pneumatic palm hammer tool. Most of the best value palm nailers nails are made for large framing nails. In size, Joist hanger nails or other bulk nails that are similar.

Usually, regular nail guns are heavy and you may feel pain after using them for a long time. On the other hand, heavy-duty palm nailers are lightweight and resistant to hand pain. It is well-set in the palm of your hand so all your work gets easier. This nailer is a lightweight mini nail gun which is come varieties face.

There are 3 types of tiny nailers found in the market, which are given below-

  • Electric Palm Nailer

  • Pneumatic Palm Nailer

  • Cordless Palm Nailer

Most cordless palm nailers or corded palm nail guns are capable of performing 1.5” and 3.5” Long. There are heavy-duty models in the market which are performing 2” and 6” in Length.


Here I have given some special palm nailers list below-

1. Milwaukee M12 Cordless Palm Nailer Kit – Best Overall & Best Pick

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Palm Nailer Kit


Special Features:

Item modelItem WeightBatteriesPower SourceVoltageIncluded ComponentsPrice
Milwaukee M123.9 pounds1 12V battery required. (included)Cordless-electric12 voltsTool Bag, Palm Nailer, M12 1.5Ah Battery, ChargerSee Price

2. BOSTITCH PN100K Impact Nailer Kit – Best Value

BOSTITCH PN100K Impact Nailer Kit


Special Features:

Item modelItem WeightProduct DimensionsIncluded ComponentsWarrantyBatteries Required?Price
Bostitch PN100K5.65 pounds11.2 x 3.4 x 12.5 inchesFraming Nailers, Power Framing Nailers, Pneumatics1 year limited warrantyNoSee Price

3. Hitachi NH90AB Mini Impact Palm Nailer –  Best Budget

Hitachi NH90AB Mini Impact Palm Nailer


Special Features:

Item modelItem WeightProduct DimensionsIncluded ComponentsMaterialBatteries Required?Price
Hitachi NH90AB1.3 Pounds3 x 2.75 x 4.5 inchesNH90AB, Safety GlassesAluminum and steelNoSee Price

What are palm nailers used for?

What Is A Plam Nailer Used For?You have already known about the Mini nail gun. Now the question may arise in you, what is a compact nailer used for and how does mini nailer work?

All the projects of a simple nail gun can be done very easily by a cordless palm nailer kit. They are the compact size that accomplishes them ideal for use during close-fitting spaces like edges, corners, placing door swings, and ceilings. We can say the best value palm nailer for joist hangers and these nail guns for roofing. Basically, any common nailing project can easily be performed with a palm nail gun.

You can think of a pneumatic nail gun as a husky tiny nailer. The mini impact palm nail gun works like metal connector strap, framing decking, pole barn construction, and fencing.

The precise positioning required for an ideal project and these tools are serving with better accuracy than a conventional nailer. These tools are especially useful for a joist hanger.

The Major Advantages are:

  • Can use where’s not enough space to hammer a nail manually
  • Comfortable to hold and easy to work without any exhausted
  • Very lightweight
  • Magnetic nose
  • Trigger less
  • With a carry case
  • Can carry anywhere easily
  • Buy an additional battery to use as needed
  • Apply for multiple purposes

The palm nailer is very cheap and occasionally comes as free when you buy a big nail gun. At present, this tiny but heavy-duty nail gun is used for framing nail guns. Hope you get the answer is about what is a palm nailer used for?. I am sure you will benefit from using it and it is capable of doing all kinds of gun work.

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